Park City Pizza Company

If it hits the ceiling we start over...we promise!

It starts early in the morning when we fire up the oven and make our dough from some basic ingredients but what happens at the end of this process is anything but basic.

We LOVE the fact we can tell you that it’s all in house and it truly is.  We cut up our veggies, we make our sausage and we hand roll our gluten free meatballs.

 There are of course cheaper ways of making pizza but here at Park City Pizza we follow a tradition that was started a long time ago, fresh ingredients for our locals.

If you haven't stopped by in a while, we have updated chairs booths and tables.  We have painted walls and replaced floors.  It's a fresh facelift!
Any given weekday you can swing by for our famous lunch special (Slice, Salad, Soda) for only $5.99!

While we have been hand tossing pizzas since the beginning we love that we now specialize in gluten free, dairy free and wholewheat pizza!  

We feed Celiacs, Vegans and everyone in between.  We have folks that have been with us since Main Street and newbies that fall in love for the first time.

We deliver pizza, pasta, hot sandwiches and salads to anywhere in Park City, Utah!

The best part of our place is that it’s not fancy.  It’s a pizza joint that feeds you wholesome fresh food.  Bring the kids, bring the appetite and we’ll clean up soda spills with smiles and fill your belly with our yummy food!

23% MORE!

Just a quick note to let you know that when you choose to eat local you are doing more than helping your community (click here for those details) you actually GET MORE PIZZA!  Our 16" large pizzas are actually 23% bigger than most of the chains large pizzas so don't be fooled by the cheap prices (frozen dough and cheese always cost less any way)!

2013 Dog of the Year Contest-Enter Now

Enter your pup in our 3rd annual dog of the year contest!
Winning prize includes:
1. One year bragging rights
2. Dinner
3. $100 donation to Furburbia in your family's name

How to Enter:
1. Go to our facebook page at
2. Upload your puppy's mug

How to Win:
1. Starting on August 26th we vote--
2. We will be voting in house and online on our Facebook page
3.  Winner will be announced on Aug 31st

Book the Truck


After 28 years we TRAVEL...
You can book the truck for your party, business or event!

We can customize your own package based on your event needs.  Here are a few options:

Pizzas are served on trays either to your guest’s tables or a table where guests can serve themselves. A variety of pizzas are made so your guests can try a sampling of all our specialty pizzas.

1 or 2 slices per person, drinks, dessert
Slices are served on paper plates

We offer full catering including Salads, Pastas and Bread Options
for Table Service or Drop Off.  Packages start at $250.

Call Nikki to Customize a Package and Book your event