Park City Pizza Company

Locally owned and operated

It starts early in the morning when we fire up the oven and make our dough from some basic ingredients, but what happens at the end of this process is anything but basic.

We cut up our fresh veggies, we cook and season our sausage in house, and we hand roll our gluten free meatballs.

Here at Park City Pizza we follow a tradition that was started a long time ago, fresh ingredients for all of our guests.

Park City Pizza Company is owned and operated by locals who have a passion for pizza and tasty fresh food.  We also specialize in gluten free, dairy free and wholewheat pizza! 

We feed Celiacs, Vegans and everyone in between.  We have folks that have been with us since Main Street and newbies that fall in love for the first time.

We deliver (4:00p.m. - 9:15p.m.) pizza, pasta, hot sandwiches and salads to anywhere in Park City, Utah!

The best part about Park City Pizza Company is that it is not fancy.  It’s a pizza joint that feeds you wholesome fresh food.  Bring the kids, bring your appetite and we’ll clean up soda spills with smiles and fill your belly with our yummy food!  We look forward to serving our locals and those of you visiting our beautiful town.  Hope to see you soon. 

We are located at: 1612 UTE Blvd. at Kimball Junction.

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Weekly Specials

KIDS EAT FREE on Mondays with the purchase of a medium or large parent pizza. Kids make their own mini! Super fun for all.
Get Two Medium Regular Pizzas for $20.00 or Two Gluten Free Pizzas for $25.00. Unlimited toppings. Order online, call for delivery (delivery charges apply), or come on in.


23% MORE!

Just a quick note to let you know that when you choose to eat local you are doing more than helping your community (click here for those details) you actually GET MORE PIZZA!  Our 16" large pizzas are actually 23% bigger than most of the chains large pizzas so don't be fooled by the cheap prices (frozen dough and cheese always cost less any way)!